Free Public Discussion Classes

ECKANKAR can teach you how to look at your life and your dreams from a spiritual perspective. Working with your dreams from this viewpoint can help you handle daily challenges and learn from them. The understanding you gain can bring you more patience, compassion and love.

"Dreams serve as a communication line between the invisible and visible world. Or, if you prefer, between heaven and earth. A dream is a real-life experience an individual has on another plane of God. We, in our true nature as Soul, are able to have experiences in a far-reaching panorama of life."
  —Sri Harold Klemp

Our discussion classes, based on the ECK books, help people find answers to such questions as, "Who am I really?" "Where do I go after death?" and "How can I find truth?" You can also share your insights with others, who perhaps like yourself, have had extraordinary spiritual experiences or have questions about life and are searching for a greater awareness of truth.

Check the Events page for special or new events and the individual ECK Centers for times and locations of recurring events:

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