The 2016 ECKANKAR Connecticut Regional Seminar

July 8,9,10th 2016

"How to Find God's Love in Your Life"
Guest Speaker - Rich Miller

Friday Evening Music & Workshop 7:30pm
Rich Miller & Company
Soul's Quest for God Consciousness
Bob Lawton & Tony Lupinacci

Saturday Morning Workshop 10am
Techniques to Experience God's Love in Your Life
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Here are some photos of our 2010 seminar " Exploring the Spiritual Frontier"

Eckankar Temple of Connecticut                                                 photo by Dave Everett

Friday Evening Performance by Larry Siegel and friends titled, O' Brother of the Leaf Where Art Thou?, a wonderful spiritual parody of the movie, "O' Brother Where Art Thou", using the format of an old radio show performance.
photo by Marcia Lawrence

Eckankar Temple of Connecticut
 photo by Marcia Lawrence

Bob Lawton, RESA speaking on Living a Life of Spiritual Discovery, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Sat. Eve.
photo by Dave Everett

Jim Hagan, family and friends give a lively performance about, Discover Your Spiritual Potential.
photo by Marcia Lawrence

Susan Miller, RESA from Minnesota speaks of
Discovering the Inner Master

photo by Dave Everett

Gilles Lecavalier from Quebec, Canada talks of The Awakened Heart at the Temple Sunday morning.
 photo by Dave Everette


Hindu Kush Mountain Boys + One practicing in the
Temple Fellowship Hall

photo by Dave Everett

Hindu Kush Mountain Boys + One on stage at the Eckankar Temple of CT, Rhonda, Larry, Rich and Jim.
 photo by Dave Everett

Guest Speaker Cameron Fox talks about Exploring the Spiritual Frontiers at the Crowne Plaza Sat. Eve.
photo by Marcia Lawrence