ECKANKAR 2021 Connecticut Regional Seminar

Please check back in April 2021 for details

Travelers worldwide come to this event

Friday Evening Program at the ECK Temple includes a
half-hour of live music followed by a Spiritual Workshop.

Temple Bookroom Topics: the Nature of our Reality,
the Creative Power of Spiritual Exercises, and how
to understand Past Lives, Dreams, & Soul Travel

Saturday Seminar all day at the Red Lion Hotel in Cromwell, CT

Spiritual Discussion Groups Saturday Morning

Great musicians such as: The Hindu Kush Mountain Boys plus One

Long lasting friendships are made.

Youth discussion group on spirituality,
past lives, dreams and Soul Travel

Children & Youth Programs: Saturday Afternoon

Enjoyment for the whole family!

Eckankar President, Susan Miller

Rich & Susan Miller enjoy the outdoor
fellowship after the seminar on Sunday.